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Get It

A limited number of pre-assembled packages are available to order from Andre Kole Productions. Or, save some money and make your own.

Ordering Information: Packages include a cord with beads (as in the photo above), a keychain cross, written instructions, and a "Four Spiritual Laws" tract to leave after sharing. For prices and to order, visit the resource page.

Make It




Macrame Super Store

25 mm with 10mm hole (1" with 3/8" hole) Round Wood Macrame Beads. We recommend the Natural and the Maple colors together. Any wood beads need to be smoothed out on the inside so they slide smoothly on the cord without snagging. This can be done by running them over a drill bit just under the size of the hole or a round file that is spinning in a drill. Go to Stuff I Can Make to get detailed instructions and tips on doing this.


We use 1/8" Paratype, Neon Turquoise (Turquoise and Sea Blue are also good colors), cut to 36" with a hot knife type of tool to prevent unraveling. (Visit Stuff I Can Make for detailed instructions on how to make a "hot knife" out of a soldering gun.) Then after threading the beads on, tie three knots on top of each other in each end.

Keychain Cross

We recommend #64CHC which has no potentially distracting inscription. It is not shown, but the item number may be specified when ordering. These come with a business card sized poem which you can request not be sent, saving you two cents each.


Downloadable instructions for printing

This is a 2 page, legal sized, PDF with instrudtions for tieing the special knot, as well as the accompanying script.